Over fifty years on from the launch of the world-famous Monitor Gold Dual Concentric driver, Tannoy announced Prestige Gold Reference. This major upgrade to the entire Prestige series of loudspeakers marked another significant chapter in Tannoy’s illustrious history. Gold Reference further refined the Dual Concentric driver concept, bought cutting edge materials technology to the Prestige range and leverages the sonic benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment.

Tannoy’s senior engineers worked on upgrades to the Prestige series for several years, deploying much of the cutting edge technology developed for the flagship Kingdom Royal.

The time-honoured method of construction of the famous Prestige cabinets remains unchanged, although the intricate wood-working detail and metal trim pieces have been enhanced with the GR upgrade.

These bespoke pieces of fine acoustic furniture have been handcrafted from solid wood and hardwood ply laminates by Tannoy’s finest artisans for many decades. They remain the world’s finest traditional loudspeaker cabinets.