To navigate your way through the site, simply "Doorway" of your choice on ether side of the book shelf.
Some items in each room are interactive showing this "" Icon on on your mouse cursor. If you see this "" icon you can go enter through the door to another room in the site.

Navigation Book
To navigate your way through library, simply hover over a book if the book in interactive it will show this" " icon and enlarge allowing you to read the title. To select and read a book just click to open the book in a new tab.

There are 2 ways to turn the page in the book using your mouse on a desktop you can simply drag from either the top to bottom of the page to turn the page or click the next button on each side of the page. (Note) On a handheld device turn the page by either tapping the next button or drag you finger from the top or bottom of the edge of the page to turn. To close the book just click to press the close button on the top right of the book to return.

Zooming into the page for more details is easy simple double click (or tap for hand held devices) to zoom in to each page to zoom out again just repeat.