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TS2 Subwoofer


TANNOY’s heavyweight TS2 active subwoofers are a radical new twin-driver design, compact and easy to position yet capable of bringing outstanding bass to any Home Theatre system. The two-model line-up, TS2.10 and mighty TS2.12, marry high power Class D bridge mode amplification with dual opposing drivers and substantial 25 mm MDF cabinets to deliver the deepest, tightest and loudest bass response in their class. The design allows considerable LFE output from a compact cabinet, making the TS2 range ideal for a wide range of home cinema systems.

The Class D amplifiers are controlled by a Tri-State Pulse Width Modulated Digital Signal Processor that has allowed TANNOY engineers to fine tune every aspect of the output with unrivalled precision. Each subwoofer delivers ultrafast bass and thunderous Low Frequency Effects right down to almost 20 Hz.The same powerful DSP engine is used to adjust crossover frequency, phase and gain control in the digital domain to eliminate analogue filter circuitry from the signal path.