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SuperTweeter 2

SuperTweeter 2

ST 300Mg SuperTweeter

SuperTweeter 2

Prestige GR SuperTweeter


TANNOY’s latest SuperTweeters delivers the full bandwidth of High Resolution Audio and bring enhanced detail to the highest specification analogue replay systems. In addition to extending bandwidth, the SuperTweeter reduces phase error and improves transient performance within the accepted audio band.

The result is enriched tonal accuracy of instruments and vocals, better articulation and micro-detailing, and superior time alignment.

Thanks to improved HF dispersion in a system with a TANNOY SuperTweeter, the soundstage will be notably wider and more spacious, giving music greater life and realism.

Available in two versions, the Gold Reference SuperTweeter integrates perfectly with TANNOY’s Prestige GR loudspeakers and their large Dual Concentric drivers. The ST-300Mg SuperTweeter is a universal design and can be incorporated into any high fidelity loudspeaker system.