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TANNOY one of the oldest and most respected loudspeaker brands in the world. In homes, in professional recording studios, in concert halls and stadiums across the world, TANNOY is the brand of choice when sound quality is critical. The brand name itself has its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary and is synonymous with public address loudspeakers on every continent.

Over its illustrious history TANNOY has strived to offer reference level products in every loudspeaker category, with many models hailed by reviewers and pro-audio installers alike as defining the state of the art at the time. While many makers may boast that they make.

TANNOY’s rich heritage and trophy cabinet full of awards to back up such a claim. TANNOY is the brand of choice when sound quality is critical.

For audiophiles and music-lovers the world over, TANNOY’s residential loudspeakers have a following second to none. The design ethos has remained unchanged since TANNOY was founded, to produce loudspeakers that communicate the full emotion of the music with articulation, accuracy and coherence irrespective of the genre of music. TANNOY’s famous Dual Concentric driver technology has become highly

regarded the world over for its power, timing and point-source accuracy. The result is a legacy of products that have lead the field of loudspeaker design for many decades and continue to innovate and lead to this day.

In today’s world of 24-bit/192 kHz digital recordings, media-less music downloads and high-tech amplification, TANNOY’s extensive portfolio of stereo music loudspeakers runs from affordable models for music lovers on a budget to ultra high-end models that are crafted without any compromise to the goal of accurate, articulate and communicative music reproduction in the home.

TANNOY Lifestyle HiFi

TANNOY’s patented Dual Concentric driver technology remains at the heart of its loudspeaker design. First revealed at the London Radio Show in 1947, TANNOY’s Dual Concentric driver technology has continuously developed and evolved as better materials, high-tech engineering and advanced processes have become available. DC drivers are incorporated in all but TANNOY’s entry level Hi-Fi loudspeakers.

TANNOY’s Dual Concentric driver was first revealed in 1947.

The Dual Concentric concept places the tweeter assembly in the centre of the

mid-bass cone, set back into a wave guide. This establishes and true point source driver with exceptional accuracy, even conical dispersion and precise phase alignment. Modern technology and materials have seen the driver evolve into a cutting-edge transducer capable of staggering accuracy and dynamic range, extremely low colouration and a bandwidth that can extend from below 20 Hz to over 35 kHz in TANNOY’s flagship loudspeaker. To this day the DC driver’s outstanding musical imaging and ability to communicate with the listener is unlike any other multiple-driver system available today.

Today’s line up of Dual Concentric drivers spans a wide range of sizes and technical abilities that allows almost everyone to experience and enjoy their musical performance. From the smallest 100 mm (4 inch) Dual Concentric driver in the affordable and compact Revolution DC4 stand-mount loudspeaker right up to the enormous 380 mm (15 inch) Dual in the Westminster Royal Gold Reference, the Dual Concentric driver defines TANNOY’s acoustic engineering expertise and excellence.

TANNOY Lifestyle HiFi

TANNOY has been designing and manufacturing electronics and audio equipment since 1926. Over this time TANNOY’s loudspeaker construction methods, materials and technologies have been constantly changing and evolving in an ongoing program of improvement. Filing hundreds of patents over the decades of loudspeaker production, the brand is at the forefront of materials and engineering innovation for the betterment of musical reproduction. This technology is not exclusive to TANNOY’s high-end designs and percolates down through the ranges as the technologies are perfected.

TANNOY’s cabinet construction is unique in that models from Definition upwards are crafted from birch plywood rather than fibreboard. The birch is specially sourced from cooler, slower growing regions that produce a denser wood that imparts a solidity and richness to the sound that is cannot be achieved with fibre and particle board construction. Modern technology has allowed the birch plywood to be formed into curves

that minimise internal sound reflections and bring a new look to loudspeaker design.

TANNOY pioneered extended bandwidth technology developing the SuperTweeter and subsequently percolating Wideband technology through its core loudspeaker ranges. Extending the high frequency capability of the complete loudspeaker system out to well beyond 20 kHz corrects the time and phase response at the upper end of audibility. This delivers enhanced accuracy and spaciousness, improved clarity within the essential mid band area and even an enhancement of the definition and impact of low frequencies.

Differential Materials Technology is another patented TANNOY invention and comprises a number of compounds and materials developed to best interface physical components within the speaker.

These encompass flexible adhesives that damp components on the crossover board, rubberised compounds that couple drive units with the speaker cabinet and the magnetic viscous fluids that surrounds HF voice coils some models. TANNOY DMT is an ongoing research and development project investigating the best material properties to produce the very best performance.

Recently TANNOY has also taken on-board the unique benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment. While the benefits of DCT on conductors and cables are widely understood and used across the audio industry, TANNOY takes this to its ultimate conclusion and Deep Cryogenically Treats entire crossover boards as a completed unit in some models. This improves the crystal microstructure of the entire signal path, allowing the loudspeaker to reveal finer detail than was previously thought possible using a passive LCR crossover.

TANNOY continues to innovate and develop new material technologies, new processes and new principles for loudspeaker design and construction.