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Monitors for Musicians

Making Monitors for Musicians is part of TANNOY’s DNA and that’s why musicians worldwide have timelessly turned to TANNOY when it comes to monitoring their music.

TANNOY Creation Artists and Musicians

Munky (Korn)

There’s a reason why Hendrix had TANNOY’s
in his personal studio, right?

TANNOY Artist Munky, Korn
TANNOY Artist Doug Aldrich, Whitesnake

Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)

TANNOY monitors have always delivered a great mix.
The new Reveals are so transparent, they raise the
standard even higher.

Eric Smith (Rihanna)

I want my monitors to reveal what’s going
on in the mix. That’s why I choose TANNOY.

TANNOY Artist Eric Smith, Rihanna
TANNOY Artist Troy Sanders, Mastodon

Troy Sanders (Mastodon)

I sleep with my TANNOY speakers on a
regular basis.

Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses)

There are certain pieces of gear that are consistent and
essential to all the top studios. TANNOY monitors are
definitely one of those items.

TANNOY Artist Richard Fortus, Guns & Roses
TANNOY Artist Kern Brantley, Lady GaGa

Kern Brantley (Lady GaGa)

I love the warm and clean sound of TANNOY monitors
especially when I’m mixing. TANNOY have proven
reliability through out my career.

Joey Belladonna (Anthrax)

Getting to hear what is actually going on my mix is
essential – that’s what my TANNOY’s allow me to do.

TANNOY Artist Joey Belladonna, Anthrax
TANNOY Artist Divinity Roxx, Beyoncé

Divinity Roxx (Beyoncé)

My TANNOY Speakers ROXX!

Rob Caggiano (Volbeat)

Being able to hear every single detail of every
instrument is crucial to the end result and to the big
picture. TANNOY’s provide me with that clarity…. It’s
like having 20/20 vision for the ears!

TANNOY Artist Rob Caggiano, Volbeat