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Welcome to the contacts database for Tannoy distribution and service centres. Please select your country or state from the relevant drop down menu below and then use the filter tool to find a regional Distributor, Sales Representative or Service Contact. Please contact them and they will ensure you are directed to the nearest dealer stocking the products that you are interested in.


WARRANTY STATEMENT No maintenance of Tannoy products is necessary.

All of our products have been produced and tested with care and precision to give first-class service.

All passive components are guaranteed for a period of five years from the date of purchase from an authorised Tannoy dealer subject to the absence or evidence of misuse, overload, or accidental damage.

All active and electronic components are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase from an authorised Tannoy dealer subject to the absence of, or evidence of, misuse, overload or accidental damage.

If at any time during this warranty period the equipment proves to be defective for any reason other than accident, misuse, neglect, unauthorised modification or fair wear and tear, we will repair any such manufacturing defect or, at our option, replace it without charge for labour, parts or return carriage.

If you suspect a problem with a Tannoy product then, in the first instance, discuss it with your Tannoy dealer. If you require further assistance then we ask that you deal directly with your local Tannoy distributor.

Only if you find that you have difficulty contacting your nearest distributor as listed in the contacts section please contact:
+44 (0)1236 420199

Please be aware that we do not accept returns without an authorized Returns no., if you need to return something for repair please write to ServiceUK@tcgroup-international.com, please include in the email, full address, product type, s.nr. and error description. If you have questions to spare parts or want to order them write to service@tannoy.com

This warranty in no way affects your statutory rights.